After being diagnosed with scoliosis, degenerative disc disease and stress fractures in my vertebrae, I was referred to Active Spine PT by my primary care physician.  I have been through rounds of physical therapy for several other  problems (tennis elbow, pulled hamstrings, plantar fasciitis) over the years, and have never felt as comfortable with a therapist, as with Nick. 


Nick and his staff members understand the pain, discomfort and limitations that we experience as we grow older, and they were all patient, empathetic and encouraging, not to mention skilled at different therapeutic approaches.  Nick is also a skilled teacher and I "have my life back" of gardening and playing tennis.  I would encourage anyone to see out Active Spine.


Low Back/Leg Pain

I was scheduled for lumbar fusion surgery and frankly scared to death.  I decided to put the fear to use by preparing with physical therapy.  On my physician’s recommendation, I called Active Spine Physical Therapy and saw Nick right away.  During assessment, he listened carefully and then taught me about what to expect from surgery and developed an action plan to strengthen my core, leg and arm muscles.  By the day of surgery, not only was I physically stronger, confidence had replaced my fear.


After surgery, I spent no time in a rehab center; instead I went home and climbed 5 sets of stairs several times a day in my multi-level house, walked city blocks and was free of pain medications within 10 days of discharge.  During the first post-op visit with my neurosurgeon, he expressed his amazement; telling me that at 30 days, I moved like someone 2 ½ to 3 months post-op. 


I definitely credit partnering with Nick and following his direction with getting me back on my feet and moving so soon.  I absolutely recommend working with Nick at Active Spine to everyone anticipating surgery.



Lumbar Fusion

When I started therapy at Active Spine Physical Therapy, I had constant back pain and was unable to bend over from a sitting position to put on socks and shoes due to pain and tightness.  After following Nick's therapy plan of stretches and exercises and hands on treatment, I am able to move freely and lift my grandchildren without pain. 


Nick designed a personalized therapy that worked for me and I have continued my stretches and exercises at home.  I was able to considerably reduce my level of pain without having to take medications.  Professional and pleasant staff!



Sacroiliac Joint Patient

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful care of me and my back. This was hands down the best PT experience that I have ever had. If I ever need therapy again, or know someone who does, you are top of the list! I appreciate everything, from working around my hectic schedule, to Sara's excitement for my wedding gown shopping! You guys are wonderful!



Mid-Back Patient

After several months of 'aches and pains' my doctor suggested I see Nicholas Muchowicz, PT at Active Spine  I went, not know what to expect.  Therapy is therapy, right?  Just a lot of massages, exercising? Well, I got the massages, exercise workouts done at the office and exercises to do at home.  Nick (as he tells people to call him) was very professional, yet added that 'human' side to things.  He guided me through the workouts, encouraging me along the way.  The staff added their support as well.


I know I will never get back to my old self.  I will still have my up and down days.  But then, I don't need to run races, climb trees, go sledding and do every other things that takes a lot of effort.  I do know that since seeing Nick and going through his workouts, I am a stronger person.  I found a person who is genuinely concerned about his patients and their health. 


I would strongly recommend Nick to anyone who is in need of this special therapy.



Low Back Pain Patient

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