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It's Hard Even for a Physical Therapist...

As I'm about to start my 38th year of life - I am starting a brand new routine. I am running. For the first time in my life, I am physically going out on "runs." Sure, I've worked out - but running is something completely new to me.

Not only am I running, but I am also doing these runs in the early morning hours. Husband, Father, Business Owner, Coach - the mornings - the very early mornings - seem to be my only hours that are not already booked. (And I am NOT a morning person.)

Let's be honest, I'm not really enjoying the runs... not yet, anyway. They are hard. And as many of you know, I had back surgery nearly nine years ago. So there's that hurdle.

Due to the surgery and my back, I am taking it slow. I do the whole run/walk/run. Some days there may be more walking then running, but those days are starting to become fewer.

The physical therapist in me is what is helping to drive me on continuing these runs. I know i is good for me and that I need to work out. And I can't preach the necessity of being active to my patients if I am not practicing it myself.

So, just because I am a physical therapist - this isn't any easier for me. (Though, I wish it were.)

Stay Active!

- Nick

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